Quality Care Services

Elderly Home Care in Northern Ireland

Why choose Quality Care Services?


Our clients are ‘front and centre’ of their care, providing input wherever possible as to how their care is administered.


Our key care objective at Quality Care Services is that our clients live and feel as independently as possible.


Each of our care assistants is highly-trained and paired with a client depending on their specific needs and requirements.


We strive to offer clients with as much choice, and decision-making opportunities, as possible over the duration of their care.

Our Services

Elderly Care

At Quality Care Services, we strive to provide our elderly clients with the independence they’ve enjoyed and expected their whole lives. Our care packages are designed to help clients continue to live in the homes they’ve known with the dignity and respect they deserve, despite becoming older.

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Become a Care Assistant

A new career can bring with it many challenges but seldom the reward of knowing you’re genuinely helping some of the most vulnerable people out there. Becoming a care assistant is different, however. Care work provides a sometimes difficult, yet deeply rewarding, chance to vastly improve the lives of the elderly and disabled. You will be a primary reason they’re able to live happy, independent lives with dignity and respect. And, you’ll be helping a person’s friends and family, too, as they know their loved one is in safe hands. If you feel you have what it takes, find out more about care assistant jobs with us at Quality Care Services.

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